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Emergency Website Support

Optimise Your Online Presence: Rapid Emergency Website Support for Maximum Resilience.

Is your website down? Are you running into random errors? Are you struggling dealing with your hosting company? We can help. We provide affordable support to help you get your website back on track. We put your business first. We know that a website is often the first port of call for customers and if your website’s down or not performing properly this can leave many customers unhappy. We’ll drop everything and help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Hosting Issues

Sometimes your website can go down because your host can’t handle a spike in web traffic. This causes the server to freeze and shut down. Think of sites on Black Friday, they often have queues to get on the site to prevent this very issue. We use full page caching to minimize this issue as only static files are served to customers. Dynamic e-commerce pages like a users cart are not cached to ensure the correct functionality of yoru site. This means a lot less processing for the server to do, letting it serve a lot more people.

Traditional servers also come with some security issues. A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) Attack is where one or many computers send repeated requests to your website in order to overload the system or to repeatedly guess a password until they gain access. There are many other types of attacks too. By using Cloudflare we mitigate a lot of these issues. As an added bonus Cloudflare also has built-in caching support.

WordPress Issues

If you take one thing away from this page let it be have a regular backup schedule, and test to make sure you can restore from those backups. WordPress has such a large ecosystem that it’s impossible for plugin and theme developers to thoroughly test their product with every combination of other plugins and themes out there. This means that when you update a plugin or theme there will always be the possibility that something goes wrong. This is why it is vital to have a backup that you can quickly restore from which prevents your site from being down for long periods of time. Because WordPress is so widely used, it comes with some security risks. If your site get’s hacked, you’ll want to delete everything off the server and restore from a backup of when the site was not hacked. This means you’ll want to store the backup in a different location to the site. All of this sound too complicated? Don’t worry, our hosting plans include built-in backups and security

When your digital fortress is under siege, SuperWebDesigner.co.uk emerges as the ultimate guardian, swiftly restoring order to the virtual realm. Suffering from unplanned website turbulence? Get in touch with us today!

Issues we specialise in...

Error 404

This means the resource could not be found, whether it be a page or an image. This could be caused by an incorrect link, or the file really is missing.

Error 500

This is a generic server error code. Inspecting the logs can help to diagnose this issue.

JavaScript errors

JavaScript errors can be caused for a whole bunch of reasons. Chrome DevTools can often help you find the offending bit of code.

WordPress issues

Has a theme or plugin not installed properly? This may be due to mismatching WordPress or PHP versions.

Database connection

WordPress can have trouble connecting to the database if it is down or if credentials are incorrect.

SSL Error

SSL Certificates secure and encrypt web traffic. They may not be configured correctly resulting in an error.

Slow website

There are a number of reasons for a website to be performing badly. We know various tricks to speed up an old site.


For all the good the web brings there are some bad actors on it. Are you getting overwhelmed by spam? Try using Google's reCaptcha on comment boxes.

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